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          3000 lumens LCD Projector
          3000 Lumens Projector
          6000 Lumens Projector
          Overhead Transparency Projector
     »  Wireless Microphones
               ATW Wireless Hand Held
     »  Conference Microphones
     »  Wireless Headworn
     »  Wired Microphones
               Wired Microphone SM58
Video Screens
     »  Dual Screen Setups
               Dual 10.5 x 14 screens
     »  Single Video Screens
               10x14 Video Screen
               7 x10 video screen
               8x8 Video Screen
               9 x12 Video Screen
PA Speakers
     »  Powered PA Speakers
               JBL Compact System
               JBL Eon 615 1000 Watt
     »  Passive Speakers
     »  Battery Powered and Wireless
               Wireless Battery Powered Speakers
Battery Powered PA
          Wireless Battery Powered Speakers
Complete PA systems
          JBL Compact System
Laptop Rentals
     »  Windows Laptops
     »  MAC Laptops
Event Lighting
Audio Recording
Monitors & Stands
          50" Monitor with stand
          75" Monitor with stand
          84" Monitor with stand
          Tradeshow Stand
Trussing & Displays
          Truss Stand
          Aluminum Truss Podium
          Formal Wood Podium
          LED Video Truss Podium
LED Video Walls
          5 x 8 Video Wall
          6.5 x 10 Video Wall
          6.5 x 11.5 Video Wall
          8.2 x 15 Video Wall
          LED Video Pillar
          Video Wall Marquee


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